Pixel 4’s “Smooth” 90Hz Display Drops to 60Hz When Brightness Is Low

Out of the many features that the Pixel 4 has to offer, one of the most popular features is the “Smooth” 90Hz display that Google now offers on both of their flagship devices. We began to see phones with smoother displays beginning with Razer Phone, and then became main stream when it hit the iPad Pro. More mainstream phones began to carry higher refresh rate screens as of recent, with the OnePlus 7 Pro being one of the most recent Android phones to carry that type of screen.

Google knew this would be something that people wanted on their phones, so they added it to their new Pixel 4. Google has made many surprising decisions when it comes to the Pixel 4, like the battery size and no wide camera, and it looks like the display has another surprise as well! Kellen over at Droid-Life.net, has been noticing while using his Pixel 4, the screen drops from 90Hz back to 60Hz when using the phone under 75% brightness.

This isn’t great for the Pixel 4 at all, since the older OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t with its display no matter what level of brightness you have it on, which proves that it is not a hardware limitation. Hopefully Google is able to fix this through a Software Update, being that Google doesn’t need any more negative slack for their Pixel 4. For now, check to see if when you Force 90Hz through developer settings, it doesn’t drop.


AT&T Might Carry Pixel 4

It looks like Google will finally be able to be available on all four major carriers in the U.S.! Ever since the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL were made available on Sprint and T-Mobile, we’ve known that Verizon’s exclusivity deal for the Pixel phones is finally over. And now it looks like AT&T wants to join in on the Pixel fun!

According to Phone Arena who got an email provided to them with this information, AT&T store managers were contacted to give their employees a chance to “seed” (test the device and represent it in store) the Pixel. If this is true, this means that Google will finally have a launch year where all four major carriers carry their device and can get their device exposed to more people.

Email from Phone Arena

Do you think the Google Pixel 4 being available now at AT&T will help with Pixel sales? Leave your comments below and tell us if you’ll be getting the Pixel 4 on AT&T!

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